Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black?

Who ticks you off the most? Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black two of the most hated? celebrities. Or the most famous celebrities I dunno.

I don't have anything against these two but I'm just makin this quiz I dunno why. I actually like Friday... up until she gets to the bus stop. And Justin Bieber... his songs are kinda plain, but I still like both of their songs so yea.

Created by: random person

  1. Who has the worst autotuned voice?
  2. Who has the worst actual singing voice?
  3. Do you agree with me that RB's voice sounds like she's choking on a saxophone?
  4. Do you agree with me that JB's voice sounds like a girl's voice or like he just swallowed a cup of grit?
  5. Who has the worst lyrics?
  6. Which is worst, Baby or Friday?
  7. Which is worst, My moment or Love me?
  8. Is JB a terrible person? Such as being a player, hitting a twelve year old and gettin arrested. (I have no clue if that crap even happened)
  9. Is RB annoying?
  10. Does JB dance terrible/terrible actor?
  11. Does Rebecca Black have terrible or dumb music videos?

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