How well do you know Justin Bieber?

How well do you know Justin? Think you have Bieber Fever? Take this quiz and find out just how well you know the Biebs! From his hometown to his favorite food to his spending habits, we've covered everything any Justin superfan should know. Plus check out the photos and other fun facts about this crooning cutie!

Are YOU a Justin Bieber Know-it-All? Are you prepared to meet him? If so, you must take this quiz and find out! This quiz will tell you if you are ready or not to meet him. Throughout the quiz, you will find some hard questions. So think about them before you answer. Good luck! :)

Created by: AMILE02

  1. Where did Justin grow up?
  2. What is Justin's sister's name?
  3. J.B.'S best friend is:
  4. Justin's celeb crush is:
  5. Justin's first single was:
  6. Justin has a pet dog named:
  7. Which instrument does Justin NOT play?
  8. J.B. Never leaves home without:
  9. Which Car did Justin receive as a birthday gift?
  10. What has Justin named his car?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber?