Interesting facts about Ryan McReynolds

Ok this is a quiz regarding myself (Ryan McReynolds) and facts linked to me and all that jazz, this quiz could be tricky but if you succeed I will be impressed but if you fail, well you will be amazed at what you do learn.

Anyways best of luck to you on this quiz and prepare as best as possible to be amazed. I am sure my Nermal would have passed this if she were still here to see this.

Created by: Ryan McReynolds
  1. This state Governor's surname is in my ancestry and yes I am related to said Governor through this surname, which Governor is it?
  2. Where is the furthest north I have been on planet Earth?
  3. There is talk of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, not all will be listed here, but one of these is in my ancestry, which one is it?
  4. I met many famous people and I also actually got to attend the funeral of one said famous person that is dead, which one is it? (yes I actually met all famous dead persons listed here but actually also went to the funeral of one of them).
  5. My name is in the linear notes of albums of several music artists already, but this big name one is getting released in March of 2019 with my name included in linear notes, which band's CD will this be?
  6. Have I ever been in Jail?
  7. Where is the furthest south I have ever been on planet Earth?
  8. My paternal grandmother's maiden name is Franklin, we've never been able to determine for sure if Benjamin Franklin himself is an actual relative (although my great-great-great grandfather was himself named Benjamin but looks nothing like the famous guy from a picture I have seen), but one U.S. President is a descendant of my Franklin bloodline, which President is it?
  9. Which person deemed important is buried in same cemetery as my grandparents on my mom's side
  10. How many times was I diagnosed with Autism?
  11. Have I ever heard English words from cats?
  12. Am I vegetarian, vegan or meat eater?

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