How well do you know Justin Bieber

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How well do you know Justin Bieber!!! Take this quiz to test out your Bieber Knowledge and see your Bieber IQ! Let's see how much of a BIEBER FREAK you are!

Are you really a BIEBER FREAK? Then take this quiz to find out now!!! I bet you can;t pass this Test! Take this Quiz to Prove me wrong! :p let's see if you are a BIEBER FREAK!!!!

Created by: maci

  1. Wha is Justin Biebers middle name???
  2. What is Justin Biebers Favorite Color?
  3. Where was Justin Discovered?
  4. What is Justins YouTube Username?
  5. What is Justins Favorite candy?
  6. What is Justins dads name?
  7. What did Justin Fracture When he was Opeing For Taylor Swift?
  8. What is Justins New book called?
  9. Who is Justin Biebers Celeberty crush?
  10. What show did Justin Star on?
  11. What show did Justin star on as a BADBOY?
  12. What song is this and what album is it on? mamas always somewhere and daddy lived outta town so how can i ever be normal, some how you tell me this is for the best, so tell me why am i in tears?
  13. What song is this? you see my baby out hit the road and she's going some place where nobody knows, i need to find her for another man does because i wouldn't want him to steal my love, i was tryin to be cool cool cool and i was tryin to find find find my sweet love of mine
  14. How many times did Justin Say BABY in his song "Baby"???
  15. Who is Justins Best friend?
  16. What is Justins Little sisters name?
  17. What is justins little brothers name?
  18. Is Christian Beadles Justins Step Brother?
  19. What was the name of Justins Hockey team?
  20. How tall is Justin Bieber?
  21. Which way does Justin flip his hair?
  22. What is Justin biebers moms name?
  23. What is Justin Biebers bodyguards name?
  24. What is justins singing coaches name?
  25. What is Justins Tutors name?
  26. What is the name of Justins New Movie?
  27. What day does/did this movie come out?
  28. Is Justin Right handed or Left Handed?
  29. How old was Justin when he got his first kiss?
  30. What Award did Justin win at the VMAS?
  31. Who did justin Duet with in his music video Never Say Never?

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