Would Justin Bieber be your boyfriend

Do you love Justin Bieber well take this quiz to see if Justin Bieber would ever be your boyfriend If you don't Bettye result you wanted take it again ..... Why not ?? :)

It's a completely fun quiz so why not take it .... It's a bit of fun anyways right ????? So tAke this quiz to see if Justin Bieber will e er be your boyfriend!!

Created by: Samantha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Justin biebers moms last name?
  2. Justin Bieber broke his foot last year when was it and which foot?
  3. Do u have a pretty smile ?
  4. Do you laugh alot ??
  5. Are you a tottal belieber
  6. In justin biebers bit song one time what what's the last 4 words he said ?
  7. If you had to leave school for Justin Bieber to travel with him would you??
  8. Your fav school subject
  9. Fav food
  10. Would you be okay with his female following ??

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Quiz topic: Would Justin Bieber be my boyfriend