Do you like Justin Bieber's voice?

There are A LOT of Justin Bieber fans out there who are mainly girls and still love his voice though and you may not be one of them so let's say some people like him and some do not.

Are you a Justin Bieber fan? Do you like to listen to his songs constantly? If you do,congratulations, you are like me! But some may have a different opinion of him.

Created by: SarahLikeOoh

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  1. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  2. Do you know many of his songs?
  3. Do you listen to Justin Bieber daily,hourly,minutely, WHAT!?
  4. Do you want to kiss Justin Bieber?
  5. Do you admire Justin Bieber's voice?
  6. Baby,Baby,Baby,ooooohhh!
  7. Do you like Justin Bieber's looks?
  8. Do you admire his, everything?
  9. Do you admire his songs but not voice?
  10. How do you like Justin Bieber period?

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Quiz topic: Do I like Justin Bieber's voice?