How well do YOU know Shaniqua?

I know I voice my opinion on things often. Now's my chance to see if you were paying attention. And your chance to prove your worth saving when I take over the world. Take this quiz about me and let's see where you score.

And if you didn't know about me before, you will after. So take notes and log it away, you never know when I may need a present. And what a fool you'll look like if you get me something I'll hate. Of course you'll never know, cuz I'll pretend like I loved it.

Created by: Shaniqua
  1. How did Shaniqua's beloved pet Guinea Pigs die?
  2. What is Shaniqua's astrological sign?
  3. Who does Shaniqua currently consider her white husband?
  4. Over winter break, Shaniqua hurt her foot out of anger. Which foot was it?
  5. What is the name of Shaniqua last ex-boyfriend?
  6. What is Shaniqua's favorite fabric pattern?
  7. What is Shaniqua's favorite color?
  8. What is Shaniqua's favorite type of clothing?
  9. What is Shaniqua's career passion?
  10. What is Shaniqua's favorite type of movie?
  11. Which parent does Shaniqua claim she looks the most like?
  12. Lately, Shaniqua's been obsessing over moving. Where is Shaniqua hoping to move to?
  13. Shaniqua cosiders herself having a large collection of what?
  14. Who is Shaniqua's latest crush?
  15. What's Shaniqua's favorite passtime?
  16. Who is/are Shaniqua's favorite hero/s?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shaniqua?