How much do you know about Clans of the Waterfalls?

There are many people out there, but few know about Clans of the Waterfalls. Let alone the facts or secrets about it! Only someone who pays attention to details will know the well hidden secrets of the waterfalls

Are YOU smart? Do you observe every detail in the Clans of the Waterfalls? Until now you may have thought you did, but now you have the chance to prove yourself. But now, will you take the chance? Will you see if you have the true wisdom of a Waterfaller?

Created by: Firestar of Clans of the Waterfalls
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  1. What island do the Animals(Clans) of the Waterfalls live on?
  2. What towns do the humans live in?
  3. What is a Notail?
  4. How many mountains are on the Clans of the Waterfalls island?
  5. What is the most widely spoken language?
  6. How many known cat groups are there in the island?
  7. Which cat started the Clans of the Waterfalls
  8. What is the Dark Legion?
  9. Who was the first member of the Clans of the Waterfalls website?
  10. Do you like Clans of the Waterfalls?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Clans of the Waterfalls?