Which of my clans are you from?

My clans are Moonclan, Iceclan, Dawnclan and Duskclan. Which are you from?????????????????????? !!!!

I made this quiz cuz...uhhh...idk. But I hope you enjoy and PLEASE RATE AND LESVE COMMENTS! But please don't be to harsh. This is one of my first quizzes in a while....

Created by: Sparkspiritt

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  1. what's your pelt color?
  2. You're on boarder patrol and you see a small kit walk around near a fox den! What do you do?!
  3. A fire is raging through camp! Your leader, your mate(who is being held prisoner), and you friend are in vein and you can only save one of them! Who do you save?
  4. It's a really harsh leaf-bare and the clan is half starved. We've lost 2 kits and an elder! So the leader tells you to go out hunting. What do you try to catch?
  5. Battle time! Moonclan accused ur clan of crossing the boarders, so your leader says fight! You have just been made a warrior, so your smallish. A huge dark tabby warrior is charging towards you! What move do you use?!
  6. Would you ever fall in love with a cat from a different clan? EVEN IF, Starclan tells you it's meant to be...?
  7. Starclan's calling!! What do you say?
  8. You are in Starclan, and you are acknowledged that a fox attack will kill almost all of your clan. Who do you send the prophecy to warn the clan to?
  9. You are chosen to pick a cat from your clan to go on a journey to save all the clans! Who do you pick?
  10. Your kits are ready to go to Starclan! How do you feel?
  11. Did you like my quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Which of my clans am I from?