What Is Your Warrior Clan?

Warriors are a series by Erin Hunter about cats that live in the forest divided into clans. They hunt and battle the other clans but they also have peace

This quiz is about the different clans. They have different qualities personalities and territories. Take this quiz to find out about you and wich clan you would be in.

Created by: amanda

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  1. True or False: you prefer darkness to light
  2. Are you fast?
  3. Do you feel more comfortable in water than air?
  4. If you saw your annoying little brother falling off a ledge but you were afraid of heights would you save him or not
  5. Wich one do you like better:
  6. When you hear the word shade what pops into your head
  7. Have you ever eaten rabbit?
  8. Are you an adult
  9. Why are you doing this quiz
  10. What is the best cat name

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Quiz topic: What Is my Warrior Clan?