the I hate Justin beaver quiz!

I hate Justin beaver. I JUST MADE THIS QUIZ CUZ I WAS BORED DON'T START GETTING ALL PISSED OFF AND BEING LIKE BLABLABLA MEANIE! ok? got it? I hate Justin beaver and I hear his girly voice and his log chewing name everywhere and it's driving me crazy!!!

I hate Justin beaver!!! I hate his voice I hats his name I hate how he has turned wonderful young girls like my cousin into obsessed monsters!!! I can't have a conversation with her anymore!! she's just like oh I love Justin beaver heehee yaaa and it's sooooo stupid!!! aaarrrggggg!

Created by: coolme3

  1. I hate Justin beaver!!!!!
  2. did you know that Justin beaver plays Elmo from sesame street?
  3. Justin beavers favorite passtime is chewing logs
  4. if you've ever read the lion the witch and the wardrobe or saw the movie from the cronic-what?-cles of narnia, you probably already know that Justin beaver is mr and mrs beavers son.
  5. I once saw Justin beavers house... it was a log house in the middle of a lake
  6. how old is Justin beaver? (when I made this quiz) (aug 2010)
  7. if you've ever heard a Justin beaver song, what gender does it sound like he is?
  8. is Justin beaver good at singing?
  9. did you know that Justin beaver did the voices of Alvin and the chipmunks? they didn't have to make it any higher pitched.
  10. do you like Justin beaver?

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