The Beaver Lodge

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In this tiny little nook back in the woods of Germany, we have our own way of judging what our people are like...and whether or not they deserve to live in our society!

Becoming a beaver is not easy...if you think that you have the guts to take this quiz and pass with the utmost endurance, then enter now and see what it takes to be a beaver in this neck of the woods!

Created by: Gennarah of thebeaverlodge
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  1. When building a dam would you...
  2. if you found a beaver dollar and you already had 4 beaver dollars, but you owed 10 beaver dollars to marty rich would you be?
  3. If you had 20 items in your house and you lost 19 what would you have left?
  4. milk and cookies make a great combination...what's another great combination?
  5. When you open the cookie many do you take?
  6. Think fast...
  7. How many beavers make up a clan?
  8. Beavers prefer...
  9. What can a beaver not do?
  10. ?

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