how Greenlodge are you?

This quiz is to see if your from the rough streets of G-lodge. We lost many members making this group so rest in piece you fellow Lodgers. I cant seem to live with out you. I dedicate this quiz the the young men and woman of the lodge

Do you have the guts to step up and take this bad boy quiz, well if you do i think your going to fail because only the straight G's can handle the pressure of tick tick tock

Created by: Ryan
  1. where is the rope swing in greenlodge?
  2. What color is JR's house?
  3. whats the name of the street that the schools path leads to?
  4. what is the average age of people in Geenlodge?
  5. who is the principal or greenlodge school?
  6. True or false. Greenlodge is straight gangsta
  7. who is the janitor that doesnt smile at the school?
  8. What kind of church is on east street in greenlodge?
  9. what was the name of the building that is now the new hockey rink?
  10. What is the hill in Greenlodge that leads to the manor path

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Quiz topic: How Greenlodge am I?