How Beaver Falls are you?

Here's just a little quiz to see if you can proudly say "I'm from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania." Pride in our little town is what we hope to convey and I hope these will bring back a few memories as well.

Lets take a short trip down the Beaver river to BF. On our trip we may stop at Hank's or D & G's after visiting Beaver Falls High School, while we're reminiscing about days gone by.....Go Stillers!!

Created by: Tony Mastadonna

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  1. What is Pop?
  2. If you go to Phil's, where would you be?
  3. What can you see "Down by the River"?
  4. What can you get at "Hank's"?
  5. Where can you re-live the fifties cruise in's in "the Valley" on summer evenings?
  6. What does if mean when you say Younz?
  7. Who was the "Belle" of the Class of "66" from Beaver Falls High School?
  8. Who has the best Piazza in BF?
  9. What is the name of the newpaper in BF?
  10. Where can you find a "Muscle Car" in BF?
  11. Who is Joe Willie?

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Quiz topic: How Beaver Falls am I?