disney's enchanted quiz

this is a quiz for the movie ENCHANTED which is an all star cast that stars amy adams as a soon-to-be princess who falls down a well and ends up in new york city as a real life person and she falls for a divorce lawyer played by Patrick d

so are you ready to take my quiz and see are you a disney's enchanted fan or not .well come on in and enjoy my quiz for enchanted . there are about 11 questions or more so good luck

Created by: amazon
  1. who plays giselle in the movie enchanted
  2. who is the narrator in the movie
  3. who plays robert in the movie
  4. who does susan sarandon play in the movie
  5. who plays the little girl in the movie
  6. who plays nancy in enchanted
  7. true or false patrick sings in the movie
  8. who was giselle's real true love and how did she know
  9. in the beginning of the movie what does it remind you of
  10. what was the first song that giselle sang in the real world
  11. true or false james marshden plays edward the prince who falls for giselle but then he falls for nancy
  12. what happened in the end of the movie
  13. what did robert remember giselle saying when she was in a sleep
  14. what was the name of the little girl
  15. who voice pip in the animated world
  16. name one disney reference from this list

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