Think you know about Disney?

Many people say they're a Disney expert....but only a few really are ME AND TAYLOR! lol jk...I'm not an expert....ANYWAY only a few can answer some of the toughest questions KNOWN TO MAN/WOMAN about I felt like the commercial guy with the low voice when I was writing that! lol

Are YOU a Disney expert? Do you think you can answer some of the toughest Disney questions? Until now you could only guess or wonder....BUT THANKS TO THIS FUN QUIZ....YOU CAN FIND OUT!

Created by: Disney
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  1. Which Disney character does Taylor love the most and from what movie?
  2. Which Disney character do I love the most and from what movie?
  3. What is Edna's last name. (Edna was the woman in The Incredibles who made the super suits).
  4. DAILY DOUBLE QUESTION - What did Mushu say that makes me and Taylor laugh EVERY TIME?
  5. What is so special about the cricket in Mulan?
  6. Why was the pelican choking in Finding Nemo?
  7. What are Taylor's favorite lines in Cars?
  8. Where does Jack - Jack take his baths?
  9. Why is Dash jealous of Jack - Jack in The Incredibles?
  10. Do you like Disney?

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