Do You Know the Disney Girls?

This is a quiz about the Disney Princesses. There are only eight, so keep that in mind. Do not get the animals princesses mixed with the official princesses. There are many Disney girls who are thought to be considered a Disney Princess, but are not official therefore not an official 'Disney Princess'.

Do you know the Princesses? Do you have in mind the names of all eight? Have you seen the movies? Are you a true Disney genius, or are you some random person taking a random quiz? Get ready to find out! You are about to test your wits against the Disney Princesses and let them know if you have any idea who they are, what they do, and if you have even seen the movies they appear in!

Created by: Josh Barrett
  1. Who was the first official Disney Princess?
  2. Which Disney Princess ran away from the ball?
  3. Which Disney Princess is also known as Briar Rose?
  4. Which Disney Princess was not originally human?
  5. Which Disney Princess would be known as the book worm?
  6. Which Disney Princess is the only Disney Princess not having the lead role in their film?
  7. Which Disney Princess befriends a raccoon and a hummingbird?
  8. Which Disney Princess dresses as a male?
  9. Which one of the following is a Disney Princess, but in the game Kingdom Hearts, she appears but is not a princess of heart?
  10. Which Disney Princess does not make an appearance in any Kingdom Hearts game?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Disney Girls?