Ella Enchanted Study Guide

This quiz is designed as a study guide to the amazing children's book, Ella Enchanted. Once you have read the book, come back and take this quiz to see how much you know!

Do you love the novel Ella Enchanted? Do you think you know the little details that make this book amazing? Take this quiz and find out if you truly are a fan of this enchanting fairy tale.

Created by: Mera
  1. What makes Ella different from the typical Cinderella?
  2. How long has Ella been cursed?
  3. What does Ella do that keeps her from being a puppet?
  4. Who is Ella's fairy godmother?
  5. Can Ella do magic?
  6. Why does Ella have a fairy godmother?
  7. Which of these is not a characteristic Ella shares with the traditional Cinderella stories?
  8. True or False: Ella solves all of her problems with magic
  9. Who does Ella save from an ogre at the zoo?
  10. What causes Ella to be full puppet, not just half puppet?
  11. Why does Ella flee from finishing school?
  12. Who doesn't Ella meet on her way to the Giant's wedding?
  13. What gift does Lucinda give to Ella's father and his new wife?
  14. What does Ella's new step family catch her doing with Char?
  15. How does Prince Char propose to Ella?
  16. How does Ella's step family treat her after her father leaves.
  17. Who does Ella pretend to be at the balls hosted by the royal family?
  18. What makes Lucinda see how dreadful her "gifts" were?
  19. How does Ella free herself of the curse?
  20. Who wrote Ella Enchanted?

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