What Class Should You Take?

Very few people going into high school know what field of study they would like to get into as a career. This quiz along with one titled 'What Should You Major In?', can help you in finding what sparks your interests. If you need any help all you have to do is comment the quiz after taking it and i will assist you.

Do you know what field of study you want to get into? Tired of taking classes that are boring and uninteresting? Take this quiz ! It can guide you into the field that just may be the base to a future career ! This can help you a lot with choosing classes for high school !

Created by: Corey
  1. Do you have a fascination with the human body and how it functions?
  2. Do you enjoy playing instruments and/or singing?
  3. Does the composition of matter and particles sound interesting to you?
  4. Do you enjoy learning the language of other parts and cultures of the world?
  5. Does math come easier or harder to you?
  6. Do you enjoy designing, drawing, painting, or any other art related field?
  7. Do you enjoy learning about other regions of the world?
  8. Is the human mind and behaviors interest you?
  9. Are you the nurturing, caring kind of person?
  10. Do you know the order of the planets from the sun?
  11. What is the square root of 144?
  12. Do you have a creative side?
  13. Which is healthier?

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