What Character Class Are You?

Ever wondered whether you'd be a better knight or caster? Now you can find out! This is all about which FF1 character class you are most like, so the end results could be Red, Black, or White Mage, Fighter, Rogue, or Monk.

Set up story style, like a sort of choose your own adventure! You are given various scenarios and have to decide what you would do, not what I expect you to do.

Created by: Nikolai
  1. You wake up in the morning and...
  2. You step out the door and a wimpy little imp attacks your shins. You...
  3. You discover the king has been kidnapped! You are asked to go save him! What to do?!
  4. You go if to save your king and... O noes! It's a dragon!!
  5. Your plan... Is failing. Of crap the dragon's gonna eat ya! You're staring down it's throat as it goes to bite you and you...
  6. It slowly dies, but in its dying breath... OMG YOU'RE ON FIRE!
  7. You're not on fire anymore. That's good. But now... Where the hell is the king?
  8. You discover ruins. Oo... Ruins that's where badguys put kings every time!
  9. You enter the ruins. You can't see anything it's really dark.
  10. Itsa door. Yay!
  11. It's a very bright room. Weird. Oh.. A big guy with a sword.
  12. He's dead quickly silly swordsman, fighting a hero and then the room turns back to a normal, darkened ruin. Hey... That's the king!
  13. Time to take the king home. But now it's also night... Sleep?
  14. You reach the town! Yay! First thing you say?
  15. You are invited to the castle and meet the royal family. Due to a random turn of events the prince/princess suddenly has a crush on you!
  16. Through another random turn of events, you are alone with the prince/princess in a garden. The moonlight shines across their face, blah blah blah, romantic scene here.
  17. OMG! They kissed you! What now? AHH!
  18. And now you go to bed...

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Quiz topic: What Character Class am I?