Orchestra Class or Orchestra Death

Many people take orchestra class as a way to sit and do nothing for an hour or so. But there are those people that actually take the class to enjoy a new hobby. Do you know why you are taking Orchestra, and how well you have been paying attention. Try and guess your rank, and if you take this quiz, you may figure out that your not always right, for the better or worse.

Do YOU know why you are taking orchestra class? Whould you like to know? Do you know where you should be placed in your orchestra,(chair placing) If you take just a few minuits to take this 12 question quis, you can find out if this might be your new found hobby.

Created by: Orck Dork
  1. On a regular Violin, what is the second lowest string.
  2. What instrument is almost the exact same instrument as the Cello, except for its size.
  3. For a Begginer to Amature player, What note on the G string is commonly messed up.
  4. Do all instruments in a regular orchestra have the capability of playing an E flat
  5. Is the harp considered part of a Orchestra or Symphony.
  6. When was Pacehabel (Composed Cannon in D) Born
  7. Do you consider Orchestra class Death or just another class
  8. Did you rush through this, or take your time at answering this.
  9. What 2 instruments are usually confused as similar instruments in an orchestra.
  10. Did yo rush through this, or did you take your time at answering this.

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