Literature Study Guide for The Outsiders (Chapters 1-4)

This quiz is to help the students study for their literature test on Friday, April 13, 2007. It talks about the first four chapters of the book the outsiders. It predicts what they will get on the test. Will they do good? If they study with this quiz, hopefully, they will succeed in getting an A+ on the test!

If they do not do well on the test, it is not the creator's fault. It is theirs because they didn't study. If they studied a lot, they will do good. I will be taking the test as well. Hopefully everyone who takes the test will do well.

Created by: James
  1. What color eyes does Ponyboy have?
  2. Who has thick, greasy hair?
  3. Who has an elfish face, blonde hair, and blue eyes?
  4. Who is little, young, scared, and jumpy?
  5. Who shop-lifts, is funny, and is talkative?
  6. How old is Two-Bit?
  7. Who is movie-star handsome?
  8. Who is small for his age (14)?
  9. Who has big black eyes and black hair?
  10. Who tries the most to stay out of trouble?
  11. Who has rusty sideburns and smiles a lot?
  12. What is the name of the girl who might love Darry?
  13. Who is cocky, smart, tall, and lean?
  14. Who is mean, but doesn't try to be?
  15. Who is very serious and hard-working?
  16. Who worries about Ponyboy getting into trouble?
  17. Who is incompetent, little, and is 16 years of age?
  18. Who is good with cars?
  19. Who is smart but doesn't use common sense?
  20. Who is the toughest, the meanest, and the coldest of the greasers?
  21. Who does Ponyboy think hates him?
  22. Who is the closest with Ponyboy?

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