fun quiz to test literature knowledge

In this world, people who love literature don't seem to take a large part. My experience through all the people i've met convinced that. People seem to be more realistic and materialistic than they appear in novels. Well, people who love literature often have a novel point of view about the world, visioinary instead of realistic, idealistic instead of materialistic.

Do you love literature? If so, take this quiz! Well, it's just for fun. It's pretty easy...but don't think that you don't have the eyes of an author if you don't succeed in this can! if you love literature enough

Created by: thao
  1. this is a classic author
  2. this book is also a famous movie
  3. A politician but also a Nobel winner
  4. A Irish writer, who won both Nobel 1925 and Oscar 1938
  5. A female Nobel winner, who studied Asian culture
  6. This book is also a TV show for the kids
  7. A famous romantic book and movie, which was written by Margaret Mitchell
  8. a investigative mysterious book
  9. he was considered the best author of America
  10. its author is Jack London

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