Which enchanted world fairy are you

On the enchanted wood there is a tallest tree called faraway tree where magical creatures leaves like fairy elf even a dragon too they all are very happy

But there is a problem the talismans who give the tree energy is missing the talon the troll is in look for it and petal silky bizzy pinx and malory will take it with them

Created by: Adhishree singh
  1. Which colour do you prefer
  2. Which hobby do you have
  3. Which superpower you wanted
  4. How many books are you read of enchanted world
  5. Are you enjoying it
  6. What do you wanted to wear in your hair
  7. Which colour hair you want
  8. Which colour eyes you want
  9. What you like to do in free times
  10. Do fate that you choose right answer as you are

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Quiz topic: Which enchanted world fairy am I