How well do you know about Happy Tree Friends?

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This quiz will test your HTF knowledge of how well you know about the famous internet / TV series! This will show you how much you know about the characters, the episodes, and the creators of it!

Do you know everything about Happy Tree Friends? Care to prove it? If you do, try out my new quiz of how much you know about HTF! Over 10 questions to challenge your mind into answering questions HTF style!

Created by: Jalyn Young

  1. Which is the first episode of the tv series called?
  2. Out of all of these, which one has a disorder
  3. True or False; Mime talks
  4. Name the two characters that has a voice actress, even though they are male:
  5. Beside Handy, who is the only character without mitten hands?
  6. True or False; In Shard At Work, the voice actor of Handy, Kenn Navarro, was required to choke himself with water in one scene
  7. Which episode won an award at the Annecy Film Festival
  8. So far, who is the only character so far to commit suicide?
  9. Which episode is the newest so far in the internet series?
  10. So far, how many Happy Tree Friends characters have mental disorders?
  11. Name the only duo who only fought once in the whole series.
  12. Did everyone died at least once in the whole series?
  13. How did Sniffles died in 'Concrete Solution'?
  14. What is an original goof from Lumpy?
  15. Name the female character so far with the most deaths.
  16. Which episode is well known for having over 50 goofs?
  17. Name Whistle's voice actor/actress?
  18. Which couple killed each other intentionally at least once in the series?
  19. How is Toothy with Splendid?
  20. Mime is known to suffer...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Happy Tree Friends?