Which Happy Tree Friends Character are you?

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This quiz is about Happy Tree Friends. If you have never seen Happy Tree Friends or don't like the series, turn tail and run or Fliqpy will kill you.

Which Happy Tree Friends character are you? Take this quiz and find out! This quiz includes Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy, Petunia, Sniffles, Nutty, Cub...etc.

Created by: Jalyn Young

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  1. What would be your reaction to dolls?
  2. What would you say to your friend after they got injured?
  3. You just got an eye injury!
  4. Uh oh! You spilled milk all over your floor! What will you do?
  5. Who's your favorite character?
  6. Favorite color? *hides behind a tree*
  7. Being a rating from 1-10, how stupid do you think you are? (1 being extremely stupid and 10 being extremely smart.)
  8. Who do you think was the first fourth-wall breaker on the internet series?
  9. In your opinion, which episode was the goriest?
  10. Favorite episode?
  11. Who do you want as your character? (Will not affect your answer.)

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Quiz topic: Which Happy Tree Friends Character am I?