Are You a Real Beaver Laker?

There are many Beaver Lakers, but few real Beaver lakers. Take this quiz to see if you are a Real Beaver Laker or a wanna be Laker. Good luck in your quest and I hope you enjoy the outcome!

Do you have the Knowledge, the Experience, the observational powers to be labelad as a True Beaver Laker? Or are you just going to be an Eager Beaver camper? Take this quiz, and you will find out in a few minutes!

Created by: Tyler
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  1. Where was the Ice House Located?
  2. Between what ages are you eligible for Day Camp?
  3. The caretaker before Dan Werman was.
  4. How many islands currently have houses on them?
  5. The trail connecting the West Shore to the East Shore is called.
  6. What is the Rock north of high Rock Called?
  7. Where did Telegraph Cove get its name from?
  8. You have spent a night on Bedbug
  9. You have spent the night on the teenage float.
  10. You have spent the night at High Rock?
  11. You have jumped out of a moving boat?
  12. Where was shredded money found in the 80's?
  13. Who made up the phrase, 'Shafts and Drafts?'
  14. What time is 'Dicks at six' at?
  15. The Maximum horse power for a boat is.
  16. The minimum boat length for a motor boat is. (unless you are grandfatherd in)
  17. The bear swamp bridge weight limit is:
  18. The Lumleys house looks like:
  19. Turtle Rock is usualy covered in.
  20. How could you break into the day camp room?
  21. Why did the first store burn down?
  22. Andy Gundlach has a thing that pulled you aroudn underwater, what was this called?
  23. These guys came to the lake twice a year and called barn dances for us, for 50+ years!
  24. The green cube thing on Bedbug Island does this.
  25. What lake is directly down stream of beaver lake?
  26. At Beaver Lake you own the house, but not the land.
  27. Ive diven off the teenage float, goteen two handfuls of muck and thrown it at people.
  28. Can you locate the rock between the Teenage float and the Cheshires?
  29. The company that manages the Lake is called.
  30. What holds back the mighty waters fo Beaver Lake. (kinda a trick question)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real Beaver Laker?