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  • I swear to god i'm justin's #1 fan. I know EVERYTHING about him. I know his desktop wallpaper, what time he showers, his shoe size, his height, his bodyguards name, his tutors name, his vocal coaches name... and i BACK UP AND STICK UP FOR HIM everytime i meet a hater. I TRULLY LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER MORE THAT ANY GIRL IN THIS WORLD! :DDDD

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • Ok, no offense ta you whoever created this quiz, but ur obsessed

  • there are mistakes here!!!

    1) justin's dad is called JEREMY and not jeromie

    2) the questions 11 and 12 are the same

    3) BOTH chaz somers and ryan butler are his best friends and he is very close friends with all the rest

    4) his sisteer's name is jasmyn and not jazzy
    yeah,that's the importand mistakes =D

  • vanilkla im sure shes not the one people whose obsessed..i'm another person(:

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • some things are wrong .-. oh yess i wuld noe XP


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