Do u HATE Justin bieber??

There are many reasons to despise Justin Bieber. Think you truly truly don't like the little conceited boy,,,take this quiz in order to find out! Remember its time to stop the BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!

Do you want to see Justin Bieber quit the music industry like I and many other people do? Maybe one day he will realize he is not as great as he thinks, and should quit! Oh wait, no he won't he is conceited!!!Take the quiz!

Created by: TaraMari

  1. Do u listen to any justin bieber songs?
  2. Did u think it was funny when JB got a water bottle thrown at his head during a concert?
  3. If you saw justin bieber on the street would you run up to get his autograph or would you yell quit singing?
  4. Do you think Justin Bieber looks like a bad version of a mouse?
  5. Do you turn off the radio or change the station if one of his songs come on?
  6. Do you think he should quit singing and move to an island located in the middle of nowhere?
  7. Would you physically hurt Justin bieber if you could get away with it? We're not talking murder here cause thats over the top!
  8. Do you want to go to one of his concerts?
  9. Do you think buying anything Justin Bieber is a waste of money?
  10. Last question!! Since JB is a conceited individual if you had the option to tell his that he is adorable, or that he wasn't great and he shoul disappear which 1?

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