Sherman's March to the Sea

This quiz is about Sherman's March to the Sea. This was made for extra credit for my 5th Period AP US History class. This quiz is merely a component to my project on Sherman's March to the Sea.

Here's some background info. that may help you on the quiz. Headed by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, this campaign began with Sherman's troops leaving the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia,and ended with the capture of the port of Savannah.

Created by: Helena
  1. When Sherman decided to march from Atlanta to the Sea, who did he delegate responsible for his troops?
  2. What was the main reasoning for Sherman's campaign?
  3. True or False: Did Sherman grant General Thomas full power over his troops?
  4. What was significant about November 11th?
  5. Was the Confederates aware of Sherman's intent, strategy, and destination?
  6. Why did Kilpatrick move towards Augusta?
  7. By December 10th, 1864 the Confederates had/were...
  8. What occurred at Fort McAllister?
  9. After the march to the sea campaign was over, what were Sherman's next actions?
  10. Who said this? " undertake, at one stride, to make Goldsboro an open communication with the sea by the Newbern Railway." _____ speaking to General Grant post Savannah.

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