Can you march to the beat?

DRUMLine Live comes to Austin on January 11, 2009. Are you prepared to march to the beat? Test your knowledge of the show, drumline and Long Center.

Inspired by the film, performers from America's top historically black colleges and universities, present the rousing and rhythmic sounds of great trumpets and explosive athleticism. Reserve your group today - call 512.457.5161 for details. Sparks will fly!

Created by: Long Center of Long Center for the Performing Arts
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  1. The stage production DRUMLine Live is based on the 2002 film starring:
  2. The marching section of drums is also called what?
  3. All of the following are other names for tenor drums EXCEPT?
  4. Cymbals are typically made from?
  5. The score for DRUMLine Live was inspired by which of the following?
  6. Austin is which stop on the DRUMLine Live tour?
  7. Do you plan to attend DRUMLine Live on January 11, 2009?
  8. Have you attended a performance at the Long Center before?
  9. Are you friends with the Long Center on Facebook?
  10. Are you friends with the Long Center on MySpace?

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Quiz topic: Can I march to the beat?