Marchofthegoats quiz

Ever been on March of the Goats? Here, test your true potential! Could you have enough knowledge in that tiny head of yours puny human? Perhaps...of then again...perhaps not...

Well, there is indeed only 1 way to find out if you can be classed as a true member of the Goatie society. So, give this your best shot and most of all...good luck!

Created by: goatie

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  1. How old is king goatie by the end of motg?
  2. Who does king goatie first write too about his problems?
  3. What was the name of king goaties step-father?
  4. When did goatie first begin his crusade?
  5. Why did the goat mafia really murder the goats at goatie island many years ago?
  6. Why did goaties step-father get banished from goatie island?
  7. How many siblings did Goatie ever have?
  8. How many kids did king goatie hospitalise from the attack on a school during motg1?
  9. On AGT, part-1, what was the last WORD Goatie said to tkd?
  10. On the 4th Day of Goatmas, what did "King Goatie give to me?"
  11. Who "fell off St.Stephens Tower?"
  12. What did the black man say when a goat caught him eating sacred food?
  13. What "Martial art" did king goatie specialise a few goats in?
  14. When a baby goat managed to take down a pot belly pig, what animal said "Darn Goats are trying to take over the world again"
  15. What was the primeminister see doing to a goat?
  16. During MOTG1, what was goaties final word?
  17. How many flying fortress' did Goatie have on standby?
  18. What goat breeds are legitimate to join Goatie's ice patrol?
  19. What race are Goaties Hoo-Hah brothers?
  20. How specifically did Lord Bandys clone die?

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