How much do you know about Goats?

Goats are amazing creatures that so many people do not understand. So many people think that goats are simple stupid creatures who will eat anything. But do you know what goats are really like?

How much do you know about the amazing complicated creature called a goat? I am not an expert but after over 7 years of owning goats I do know quite a lot.

Created by: Pearl Dragon

  1. What is a goat?
  2. What do goats look like?
  3. How smart are goats?
  4. Where do goats live.
  5. What do goats eat?
  6. What color are goats?
  7. How do goats sleep?
  8. What size are goats?
  9. What sound do goats make?
  10. How old do goats get.
  11. How much do you think you know about goats?
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Goats?