Do you know me?BTRfreak?

Do you know me?Well take this quiz and find out!So this is my 1st quiz and I hope you enjoy it!Im gonna make up some smiley faces ok ok→→í—.í— Well maybe 1 smiley face lol.

Gawlee I have to right more words ok take it already!!Dont read this GO AWAY!AGH STOP IT JUST STOP IT FINE THEN I I I LOVE YOU(not really) sooo are you gonna take it already?

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. Am I a female or male?
  2. Whats my eye color?
  3. Whats my favorite band?
  4. Whats my hair color?
  5. Whens my birthday?
  6. Whats my favorite animal?
  7. Is my mom & dad divorced?
  8. Whats my favorite holiday?
  9. Whats my favorite TV show?
  10. Whos my favorite actor?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?BTRfreak?