Do you have a boy mind or a girl mind?

There are two different genders. Male and female. Were both alike in different ways and different in different ways. But some people (including me) have the opposite inside than outside. You might be a boy, and have a female personality.

Do you have a female or a male personality? Find out in this semi short quiz and see your TRUE identity. P.S. If you want to get mad, ok. Rage out at me in the comments.

Created by: Blaze
  1. The last 2 questions don't count. If you were in public, and you absolutely had to wear a dress or a skirt, which one would you wear?
  2. What beverage would you prefer?
  3. What are you most attracted to when it comes to the opposite sex?
  4. If you had breasts, what would you do with them?
  5. Ruffles or Doritos?
  6. If you were anything, what would you be?
  7. Left or right
  8. Do you sometimes wish you could have a girl's body, not to be a girl, but to have breasts and have a baby or 2? Boys only
  9. Your reaction: (one of your friends jump scaring you) BOO!!!
  10. What kind of hair would you have if it absolutely HAD to be long?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a boy mind or a girl mind?