Personality Coffee Quiz

There are many ways to sort people. People have been sorted by age, height, gender, strength, even blood type, but have you ever been sorted by your choice coffee?

This Quiz will test your personality and try to find out what kind of coffee you like. It is fun to do and you will find out things about yourself that you never new, like your soul coffee!

Created by: Cursed Blade
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  1. First Question. Do you like coffee?
  2. Question Two. If someone called you ugly, which of these would be your choice reaction?
  3. Third Question. How are you with crowds?
  4. Question Four. This is a weird one. Do you play quizzes a lot?
  5. Fifth Question. If a stranger your age and gender turned in your direction and waved, which of these would be your first reaction.
  6. Question Six. How do your parents like their coffee?
  7. Seventh Question. What do you do if your teacher/boss calls you at home on your day off.
  8. Question Eight. How do you start a conversation with a friend?
  9. Ninth Question. Trust me it is necessary. What is your hair color?
  10. Question Ten. When you first read the previous question, what did you do?
  11. Do you like this Quiz?

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