Are you addicted to coffee?

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Nobody reads this so I don't know why GTQ Guy kept this part in the new software update. This is my first quiz using the beta trial of the new quiz-making software.

This quiz will tell you how much you love coffee and if you are a complete coffee addict! I hope you enjoy the quiz, and I hope you enjoy it with coffee.

Created by: Moonflower786

  1. How many coffees have you had today?
  2. How much milk do you have in your coffee?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love coffee?
  4. Onto trivia: Where does coffee come from?
  5. No more trivia because everyone hates it. Anyways, what is your coffee made up of?
  6. When do you drink coffee?
  7. Did I use the new quiz software for this quiz? If you read the intro, you would know.
  8. These questions are pointless, I just need to add 2 more questions, is all.
  9. Who is coolest?!
  10. Comment or rate?

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