Can you read my mind??

Can you read my mind? Many cannot. It is nearly impossible to read my mind! If you do, you are either really lucky or really supernatural. Do you think you are different from all the rest? Take my quiz to find out!

So I just thought of a ton of different questions and my answer is in one of the multiple choices. Chances are you might get a few right. But very few will get them all right! Are you ready or not??

Created by: kim1499
  1. I just glanced at my ipod because I am multitasking: I'm playing a game and making a quiz on goto quiz. What number did I see on my iPod?
  2. That app is still on my screen. I glanced at it again. What was the first color I saw?
  3. What kind of game am I playing?
  4. Okay I'm done with that app. I pressed the home button to exit the app and so I saw all of my apps and my wallpaper behind it. What symbol is on my wallpaper? I'm thinking of it now...
  5. I just grabbed a piece of sugarless gum (btw I am addicted to that...) what letter does the brand of the gum start with?
  6. My Ipod just lit up because of a notification. I looked at the time on the screen. What did it say?
  7. If you get this right I'll be downright creeped out. What am I going to do later this afternoon?
  8. Now many of the questions are nearly impossible to know unless you are some crazy genius wizard/vampire/werewolf/ghost/ something like that. But this one you might know...what does my name start with?
  9. Two more questions what should they be?? Wait, what SHOULD they be?? You tell me what question I was considering!
  10. Last one! what is the percent of battery life left on my laptop right now? (you know that little symbol at the top)

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Quiz topic: Can I read my mind??