Which Supernatural Book should you read???

There are thousands of Books on Supernaturals, some more famous than others. Twilight!!!! Sorry had to get it in there :) This quiz excludes twilight as it is too well known :D

Sooo which Book on Supernaturals should you read? I have selected a few of my personal favourites to see which one you should read. Feel free to take this quiz even if you don't usually read supernatural things :)

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Which do you prefer?
  2. Do you like Big thick Books?
  3. Do you like Romance??
  4. Do you like the main character to have powers or be Immortal or do you prefer them to be weaker??
  5. Do you like the Main Character to be a fighter or good at self defence?
  6. Do you like the main character to have a Bad, Scary, mysterious History??
  7. Pick a name
  8. Do you love fight scenes??
  9. Do you mind people Dying in the Books??
  10. Which would you be more likely to Pick up of the Shelf?

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Quiz topic: Which Supernatural Book should I read???