Are You a Mindreader?

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Some people believe that they have the ability to read minds. Well, you can't tell for sure until you try my quiz! Try and see if you can read my mind!

Come on- you have nothing to lose! Only to see if you can indeed read minds. Test yourself and see if you can read my mind! Love to all from Me! Have fun!

Created by: Ravenclaw297
  1. Can you read my mind? (Only one of these answers is right. See if you can figure out which one.)
  2. What number am I thinking of?
  3. What color am I thinking of?
  4. What sport am I thinking of?
  5. What song am I thinking of?
  6. What school subject am I thinking of?
  7. What color shoes am I wearing?
  8. What country am I thinking of?
  9. Why am I making this quiz?
  10. What color wristbands am I wearing?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Mindreader?