Can you read my mind?

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There are many people that think they can read peoples minds. Normally it is just a joke, but have you ever noticed that they may acctually be reading your mind!

Are you a mind reader? Can you read my mind? Even the age and gender questions count! So have a go and see if you are acctually a mind reader! Yes, and it is what I am thinking or what I know at the time that I am writing it!

Created by: squatter
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I flip a coin. What did it land on?
  2. Guess the number that I am thinking
  3. Choose a side in chess
  4. What is the time that I am writing this?
  5. Which of these words am I thinking?
  6. What day of the week am I thinking about?
  7. Pick a colour I am thinking about
  8. Which of these grades did I get for my last assignment?
  9. The assignment before that?
  10. Which sport is the next one I am going to do?
  11. What subject am I thinking about?
  12. Choose the letter I am thinking about
  13. Choose a symbol that I am thinking about
  14. Pick a cake
  15. Have I ever won a jackpot?
  16. Choose a peice of writing equipment
  17. Choose a skill level
  18. Why did I make this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Can I read my mind?