Can I read your mind?

You've probably seen quizzes where they find your name, right? Do they get it wrong? They probably do. I think this is bad and should not be on GoToQuiz.

Now, I made a quiz where you I can read your mind. It really works! Here's what you do. Think of a number greater than 0 and less than 31. After, answer the questions. I should answer correct.

Created by: Ethan

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  1. Is your number divisible by 2?
  2. Is your number divisible by 3?
  3. Is your number divisible by 4?
  4. Is your number divisible by 5?
  5. Is your number greater than 11 and less than 20?
  6. Is your number more than 21 and less than 29?
  7. If you swap digits, (16=61) will the number be greater than 35?
  8. Does your number have 2, 4, or 7 in it's ones digit?
  9. Is your number 2 digit?
  10. Does your number have one in it?

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Quiz topic: Can I read my mind?