Are you well read?

Lots of people read and lots of people read alot. To do well in this quiz you will have to have read extensively over a wide range of literature from many countries.

Do you think you are well read. I have read all the books/authors represented in this quiz and made it up from memory, checking a few of the facts. Are YOU as well read as ME?

Created by: Mike

  1. Who is 'The Man Without Qualities'?
  2. Who is Leopold Blooms' Wife?
  3. Who wrote 'The Naked and the Dead'?
  4. What story is the film 'Blade Runner' based on?
  5. What did Quilp die of?
  6. Which James Lee Burke character drives a pink caddy and wears a porkpie hat?
  7. What was Emily, Charlotte and Annes' brother called?
  8. What is the main characters name in 'Catch 22'?
  9. For whom, according to Donne, does the bell toll?
  10. Which Ceasar wrote a book of Stoic Philosophy?
  11. Which French Pholosopher was also a wellknown goalkeeper?
  12. Who is 'The Idiot'?
  13. "Love her he doesn't" is the 1st line of a poem by?
  14. Which Murakami novel shares a name with a Beatles song?
  15. "Call me ..." What?
  16. Where is Baskerville Hall?
  17. Orin Incandenza plays what sport?
  18. John Updike is associated with which animal?
  19. Who wrote 'Hombre'?
  20. "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks had just struck ..."
  21. "For a long time I used to ......"
  22. The Honorary Consul is in which country?
  23. "The Portrait of a Lady" is a picture of who?
  24. Justine/Balthazar/.........../Clea.
  25. Who is "The Sportswriter"?

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