I know what your thinking

"There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. What is a genius? It is Me! I can read your mind and know what your going to do when your doing this quiz."

Can I read your mind. I hope so and know I'm gonna start saying random things for complete the required Characters:XD,CUPCAKE!,BANANA!,HELLO MUMMY,YAY!

Created by: Erika
  1. OK, So let's start: The 2 questions above are 'What is you age?' and 'What is your gender?' Your Thinking: Omg, yes well done.DUH! What are you a retard?! Was I wright
  2. OK, so know press F13 and I will blow your mind. You are thinking: I looked and there is no F13 (me:But you looked haha).Was I wright
  3. You are on a Windows Vista. Am I wright?
  4. Think of a vegetable ... Was it carrot? Was I wright?
  5. I bet you aren't go to read all this did I read your mind?: If I read your mind with the first quote no need to read all the random things I'm about to put because I love Lady Gaga and her new song Edge of Glory and I also love cupcakes because I love YouTube and I watch different Youtubers who have beards at just the wright light even though they're girls and I like saying random things about cookies and puppies even though I don't have one.And what really annoys me is about when you doing these quizzes and you have to get to 12 questions and you have to get to 150 letters on the descriptions and parting words it's just annoying and I'm on the edge of glory and I'm hanging on over with you.I'm on the Edge the Edge the Edge The edge of Poker Face P-P-P-Poker Face and I love Twilight I'm a Twihard and I love you and I hope you come to my house and we can play...Barbies!
  6. Check question 13.Check it... Did you check? Your Thinking:There's No question 13! Was I wright?
  7. Please check if I haven't got any spelling mistakes on question 1. I bet you looked.Am I wright
  8. Some of these questions are stupid right? You are thinking: No they're OK Am I wright?
  9. I bet you have a collection of stamps from France! Your Thinking:What?!.No-What kind of person would collect that? Am I wright
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: I know what my thinking