How well do you know Taylor Swift's songs?

Some people know a bit about Taylor Swift, that she has blonde hair. But some people are big, big, BIG fans! And they know that Taylor has won awards in the past! They have a good idea about Taylor.

But do YOU know lots about Taylor? Do you know what her newsest song is? Until now, you could not know if you are thinking right, or thinking wrong. But thanks to this, you will find out if you know about this country singer!

Created by: amazon
  1. What song is this line in: "Do you remember? We were sitting there by the water."
  2. "Sneaking out late, tapping on your window"
  3. "Take a deep breath, and you walk through the doors"
  4. "I, fake a smile so he can't see"
  5. "I rode shotgun, with my hair undone, in the front seat of his car"
  6. What the missing word? "When we're on the phone, and you talk real _____"
  7. "I'm in my room, it's a typical _______ night"
  8. "And you're gonna be here for the next _____ years"
  9. What was Taylor's first song?
  10. "Cause she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts"
  11. What is Taylor's newest song?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor Swift's songs?