Who rules your thinking?

Who decides what you think? Do you? Maybe. But look at the ideological trends in society. Media and lobby groups do a lot. Ways of thinking falls into and out of fashion, and we seldom think about it.

Are you one of those who follow your own train of thought? Take this test and get a hint. If you turn out to be a follower of trends or not much of a thinker at all, you will get a hint all the same:-)

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Your friends have a discussion, but you say nothing. Why?
You don't know what they are talking about.
You don't know what would be OK to say.
You don't really have an opinion.
You think discussions are boring.
You decide not to have sex with your new boyfriend/girlfriend until the relationship is really established. Why?
I have to ask someone how this sex thing is done.
Someone said condoms aren't safe.
I like holding hands in the cinema.
It's an experiment.
You take an IQ test. Why?
They told me to.
I want to be a member of Mensa.
I want to see what these tests are like.
Someone said I was stupid:-/
You have a discussion at work or in the classroom. You have something really controversial to say:
Strawberry ice is the nicest!
Cuba is named after Rubick's cube.
Everybody has the right to have a gun.
Give peace a chance!
Your child's teacher calls you. She wants a meeting with you about some problems with the child. What is your first thought?
Oh no, I have a problem child!
What an idiot she is. My kid is perfect!
Good, I think we have some things to discuss.
I read about overweight children the other day. He is probably fat.
Your child tells you that he is harassed by the other kids at school. What is your first thought?
I'll beat them up!
I have to get him posher clothes.
Of course, it's a school, right?
This school can't be any good.
You go to a party in an unknown part of the city and spend the night there. Why?
It is such a nice party.
It's said to be a dangerous area, and I am afraid to go home by myself.
I want to see the flowers on the backyard in the morning sun.
I can't find my way out.
You trade your new car into an old one. Why?
Someone wanted to trade their old car into a new one.
The old one looks nice and I use the bike mostly anyway.
I want to support the oil industry.
They said it was new!
You never watch the news on TV. Why?
I don't like wars and stuff.
TV is bad for you.
I read newspapers instead.
I don't think they tell the truth.
The kids spend a lot of time on the internet. What do you do?
I buy another computer.
I quit paying the broadband bills. Internet is dangerous.
I show them some web sites.
I ask the child psychologist if this is OK.

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