Do you know James Maslow?

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do you know James Maslow? do you know him like you are his sibling? well I know how you can find out. it is very simple yet my 3yo cousin can do it! ya!

wait I take that back. he'll mess it up or something. let me tell you something. whenever I wanna check something (not) I always say 'let me check my email' now my 3yo cousin always says 'I need to check my email' xD

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. Color:
  2. Birthday:
  3. Born in:
  4. Actor:
  5. Sport:
  6. Movie:
  7. Food:
  8. Animal:
  9. Number:
  10. Celerity crush:

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Quiz topic: Do I know James Maslow?