Do you know Justin Bieber?

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Alright, so for all those girls who THINK they know every single thing about Justin then take this quiz. I just started liking him AGAIN. So yeahhhh..

What are you waiting for? Do you want to see your result? Hmm if you're still reading this go and take the quiz already. Oh! If you hate Justin don't bother taking this quiz. Yep thanks.

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. How did Justin get famous?
  2. What is his middle name?
  3. Who is his gf?
  4. How many songs does he have?
  5. What's his favorite color(s)?
  6. What's his TWO favorite foods?
  7. What's his favorite candy?
  8. What's his favorite T.V. show?
  9. Well that's all. Part two might come out. Idk I'm to lazy
  10. I just started liking Justin AGAIN like a few weeks ago. :P He's hot. xD

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Quiz topic: Do I know Justin Bieber?