Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone

I am a huge Harry Potter fan!!!! I have read the books 22 times and started them in 1st grade. I am now in eighth grade and am reading them for the 23d time. Lets see how much you know.

So what are you waiting for?? Get started!!! SO blah blah blah yak yak yal whatevsssssss bwhahahahhaha ohhhh and the new Harry Potter prequal is coming out soon people!!! YAYAYAAYA!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: harryswife

  1. In the UK what is the real name for this book?
  2. In chapter one, Vernon Dursley sees McGonagle for the first time. When he sees her, what is she looking at?
  3. In chapter one, Dumbledore is wearing what color of a cloak?
  4. In chapter 2, Dudley has how many presents?
  5. In chapter 2, what are the two people that are suggested to take on Harry when Dudley and Piers go to the Zoo?
  6. In chapter 3, all of Dudley's best friends are named...who are they?
  7. In chapter 3, Dudley threw a tantrum over losing his room. What is one of the things he did?
  8. In chapter 4, how thick did they say Hagrid was?
  9. In chapter 5, how did Hagrid describe how he reached the hut on the rock?
  10. How much did Harry pay the owl in Chapter 5?
  11. How many sickles are in a galleon?
  12. In chapter 5, what kind of Ice Cream did Hagrid buy Harry?
  13. In chapter 6, what kind of candy is Harry looking for off the trolly?
  14. In chapter 6, Ron has what second hand and from which brother?
  15. In chapter six, when Scabbers hits the window, what happens to him?
  16. In chapter 6, which chocolate frog is Ron looking for?
  17. In chapter 6, what flavor of every flavor bean does Fred swear he got?
  18. In chapter 7, what does Ron say that Fred said about the sorting?
  19. In chapter 7 what does Harry have for dinner and for desert?
  20. In chapter 7 what house is Susan Bones and Blaise Zambini put into?
  21. In chapter 8, how many stair cases are there in Hogwarts?
  22. In chapter 8, what is monks wood?
  23. In chapter 9, where does Malfoy threaten to hide Neville's rememberal?
  24. In chapter 9, who stood up for Neville?
  25. In chapter 10, how many points do Ron and Harry win for defeating the troll
  26. In chapter 11, we learn how many ways you can commit a quidditch fould and all of them happened in one game. How many ways are there and when did it happen?
  27. In chapter 11, who is Lee Jordan hitting on?
  28. In chapter 12, who did the weazley twins bewitch snowballs to fly at?
  29. In chapter 12, what did Harry recieve from the dursleys for Christmas?
  30. In chapter 12, when Harry finds the mirror of erised, what does dumbledore say he sees in the mirror?
  31. In chapter 12, when Harry finds the mirror of erised, what does dumbledore say he sees in the mirror?
  32. In chapter 13, how does Harry, Ron and Hermione find out who Nicholas Flammel is?
  33. In chapter 13, who does Neville take on during the Quidditch match?
  34. In chapter 14, what do we learn that baby dragons must be fed?
  35. In chapter 14, what does Ron say he got bit by?
  36. In chapter 15, who gets detention along with Harry?
  37. In chapter 15, who do Harry and everyone else meet during their detention?
  38. In chapter 15, who is most angry with Firenze for letting Harry ride on his back?
  39. In chapter 16, who does Harry imitate to frighten away Peeves?
  40. In chapter 16 which bottle will get you through the purple flames back towards safety?
  41. In chapter 16, which chess piece do Hermione and Harry play as?
  42. In chapter 17, what every flavor bean does Dumbledore recieve?
  43. Do you love Harry Potter so much that you read it 22 times??? If so then that's me!!!!!!!!!! You must really love Harry Potter!!! Like me!!!! Then wait for the next quiz on the Chamber of Secrets! Plus JK Rowling has written yet another book, a prequal to the original series!!!! YAAAAY!!!

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