Do you know BigTimeRush's lyrics?

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Do you know BTR's lyrics?Well take this quiz and find out!Oh and sorry if I didn't get all the songs.The other songs will be on "Do you know BigTimeRush's lyrics?(part 2)

So if you know who BTR is then take it already,if you don't get off my quiz or just try it out,either one you want.Soo DO YOU KNOW BTR'S LYRICS???????

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. Nothin Even Matters:"Cause the world stops when"____ ____.
  2. Shot in the Dark:"I swear im on my way"____
  3. Halfway There:"And were halfway there looking good know and____"
  4. Music Sounds Better With You:"I couldn't help myself,let this____".
  5. Stuck:"And im stuck,stuck never giving up,up____".
  6. Paralyzed:"I see you coming all____".
  7. City is Ours:"Got a whole crew by my side____".
  8. Famous:(1st part)"If you wanna be famous(famous)You_____".
  9. Till I Forget About You:"Dance hard,laugh hard turn the music up now ____".
  10. Worldwide:"Paris,London,Tokyo,there's just one thing that I gotta____".
  11. Any Kind of Guy:"Here I am,there you are,why does it seem so far?____".
  12. Boyfriend:"Have you ever had the feeling your drawn to someone?(yeah)".
  13. If I Ruled the World:"And I'd break the boarders down____".
  14. SuperStar:"Oh no,It's on tonight and here we go woah,to the beginning to this crazy night____".
  15. Blow Your Speakers Up:"So hop in your ride,let the windows down____".
  16. This is Our Someday:"When everyday feels like the other and everywere looks just the same____".
  17. All I Want For Christmas is You:"I don't won't alot for Christmas,there is just one thing I need____".
  18. Okay that's it.

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Quiz topic: Do I know BigTimeRush's lyrics?